~Dr Berube has been my chiropractor for 10+ years.   I've tried 2 others over the years, however I have had the best results with Dr Berube, so I won't go anywhere else. 

Cheryl C, 66, North Reading 


 ~I have been coming to Dr Berube for many years now.
 I am 91 years old, and started using his service when I was in my 70's
 Initially I came to him for lower back pain. My back feels great now. He is a Great Doctor.

 Jean, '91, North Reading


 ~Over the years, I have suffered from knee joint inflammation, and neck and lower back pain. But after discovering North Reading Chiropractic, I have been able to rehabilitate and strengthen those parts of my body that had been giving me the problems. Thanks to  their attention to the individual needs of their patients, I am virtually pain free.
Their monthly newsletter also offers insight into a healthy lifestyle touching on such subjects like nutrition and exercise.
Thanks to the expert care of Dr. Berube I am able to maintain my active lifestyle which includes daily exercises as well as running 3 miles a day.
I never put myself in the category of "senior" , even though I am 79 years old.
Linda, age '79, Andover, MA 


~ Dr Berube has been treating my entire family for 10+ years. Not only worked with my husband and me, but he also has worked on my 2 boys for many years. My children are currently 17 & 20. Any time they have a sports injury or even a health related question, they call Dr Berube for help. He is extremely knowledgeable, he has become a family friend to all of us,
 Maria; 50, Wilmington, MA 


 ~I started seeing Dr. Berube 16 years ago while I was pregnant with my second daughter.  During that time he was instrumental in treating the lower back pain I was suffering from.   My daughter, Lyla was breech and shortly after she was born was exhibiting signs of hip dysplasia as a result.  My first thought was to get her to Dr. Berube.  He was truly amazing with our newborn.  Over the coming months he corrected her problem and walked us through every step of the way.   Since that time my entire family has been treated by Dr. Berube for many conditions.  Concussions, knee and ankle injuries, whiplash from a car accident, back and neck alignment, you name it, we suffered from it! I can’t say enough about Dr. Berube and his practice.  He is a dedicated chiropractor, passionate about healing his patients.  It shows in the way he takes time to explain things.  He is not only incredibly knowledgeable, but he has the ability to relate to anyone young, old or somewhere in between!   I now live for my monthly adjustments

-Mary Jo, Georgetown, MA.

 ~Treatment from Dr Berube has been such a great experience. Not only was he able to quickly diagnose and treat my back pain, he was also able to identify and treat my rotator cuff pain. Dr. Berube will always be a member of my Wellness Team.   
 Rob P; 45 Scituate, MA