“Jeffrey, thank you for all your hard work. After eight weeks of treatments, I am finally able to walk and sit without pain. Before that time, the pain controlled my life. Now, I am controlling the pain. I feel like I have been put on the right path thanks to your help. I especially like all the helpful tips you have given me, as well as the friendly family atmosphere of your office.”
- Karen Von Sneidern


“I have been a patient of Dr. Berube for five years. Because of his treatments, I am able to walk better and have avoided back surgery. He is also a very caring and compassionate doctor. Thanks again.”
- Alyce Speronis


“A few years ago I was living in Hawaii when I came down with excruciating headaches. I couldn’t work or leave the house for months. Finally, I had to return to the Boston area for my family to take care of me. I went to see neurosurgeons and many others in the medical profession to no avail and was told that there was nothing wrong with me. I went to see Dr. Jeffrey Berube. Within two days my headaches were gone and soon I was able to return to work. He recognized that two previous car accidents from years ago had profoundly affected my neck and spine and was able to adjust me so that the pain was gone. Now, except for occasional adjustments, I am pain free and participating in a full life. I am grateful to have someone that listened, believed, and had the knowledge to heal me.”
- Elizabeth Garniss