Stress Reduction For Office Workers
Home Routine

Warm up the muscles with either:
• a brisk walk for 10 to 20 minutes 
• exercycling 10-20 minutes 
• soak in a warm tub 20 minutes

Do the stretching exercises daily.

General Directions
1. Achieve each position slowly.
2. Hold each position for 15 – 30 seconds. No bouncing.
3. You should feel tightness, never pain.
4. If you experience any pain, stop and check with your
5. When necessary, repeat to both sides of your body.
6. Do not hold your breath during the exercises.

Stand with knees bent or one foot up on box, stool, or foot rest.
Sleep on side with pillow between legs.
If you sleep on back, elevate knees with pillows under legs.
Push or pull objects rather than lift.
Never lift more than 1/3 of body weight.
Carry objects close to the body.

1. Back – Pull knee to chest and raise the head to the knee. When stretch is felt, hold.

2. Upper Body – From position shown with arms extended, twist the body and head until stretch is felt and hold.

3. Hamstrings – From position shown, using a belt of towel, pull gently until stretch is felt and hold.

4. Shoulders – Put elbow behind the head. Gently pull elbow toward the center of back until stretch is felt and hold.

Move hands over a large area.
Stroke with the grain of the muscle.
Use a light to medium stroke toward the heart. Return stroke without pressure.
Use a lanolin-based cream, mineral oil, or powder as a lubricant for comfort.

Shoulder/Upper Back Massage
Stroke from base of head outward toward the shoulders. Then from between shoulder blades out toward shoulders.

Back Massage
Begin below hips and stroke back up to the shoulder blades.

Neck/Cervical Spine Massage
Stroke the muscles in the neck from the shoulders up to the base of the head.

Face Massage
Apply gentle pressure from below the ear to the forehead along the hairline with a smooth circular motion.