In this world,  each one of us is exposed daily, to different levels of stress.

There are 4 main known stressors that we all encounter:

Mental: long hours of studying, performing too many hours at the office and trying to meet a dead line.

Emotional: Loss of a loved one, divorce, and arguments with others.

Physical Stress: Too many hours performing yard work, shoveling snow, prolonged computer work, any overuse activity, like talking with the phone cradled under the chin and shoulder.

Environmental: Pollutants, toxins, and chemicals, even processed foods, are a source of chemical exposure, as well as tobacco and alcohol.

More importantly, when the human body is exposed to all of these stressors on a routine basis, it undergoes the process of oxidative stress. This in turn produces Free Radicals. These free radicals become the foundation of the disease process to the body.

It is quite apparent to notice a person under stress. It affects their facial expressions, (a very tight grimace). They may also exhibit poor posture, like the weight of their world is on their shoulders.

Inherently, we have internal mechanisms to handle and combat stress.

However, as we are subjected to prolonged periods, (months/ years), stress has a far reaching negative effect to our bodies. And often times is the cause of illness and disease.

But long before disease presents itself, a person under large amounts of stress will first exhibit signs of muscle stiffness, irritability. Will often times cause headaches. Not too mention, can and does affect our nervous system, and the gastro-intestinal system, causing an ulcer.

Chiropractic can help. In seeing your chiropractor and receiving a routine of chiropractic adjustments, normal joint motion is restored as well as relieving undue nerve irritation, and allowing the muscle to reduce added  tension.