Services Provided

Dr. Berube implements the Diversified technique of chiropractic.

Cox Flexion Distraction, Decomposition Therapy, the recommended procedure to treat any and all disc injuries. This procedure creates the decompression force to the disc.

Several soft tissue techniques to treat muscle injuries, tight and  spastic muscle conditions including:

    Active release

    PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation)

    PIR (Post Isometric Relaxation)

    Ischemic Compression, Trigger Point Work



Dr. Berube offers a wide array of Isotonic (Liquid Formulation), Supplements and Vitamins, through NutraMetrix.   These are also available for purchase directly through this website. Just click on the top right hand link above that says “NutraMetrix” to order

Our center also offers a weight loss/ life style management system, through the Transitions Life Style Coaching System.