Overuse Injuries
Overuse injuries make up the majority of injuries sustained during walking, jogging, and running activities. They are the most common athletic complaint treated by doctors of chiropractic. Unchecked and untreated, these injuries can lead to severe or even permanent disability.

A cycle of overload, abuse, and fatigue leads to tissue failure which cannot be repaired while the offending activity continues. Strength and flexibility are reduced, until, in frustration if not pain alone, the injured party seeks professional care. Treatment is further complicated by the patient's desire to resume the offending activity as soon as pain is relieved. This contributes to the recurrent nature of overuse injuries, and demands good communication and cooperation between patient and doctor.

Tissue weaknesses such as muscle imbalance, poor cartilage or disc nutrition, and ligament laxity can also be a significant factor in the development of overuse injuries. If the tissue is weakened to start with, it will be unable to tolerate only low levels of stress.

Excessive external loads or forces such as a sudden increase in training schedule, mileage, or weights can overwhelm the body's capacity to maintain and repair the musculoskeletal system. Running on unyielding surfaces, or even standing and working for hours every day on concrete and linoleum may eventually result in micro trauma breakdown and overuse syndrome.

By prescribing strengthening exercises for the extremities and postural muscles, the doctor can satisfy the patient's desire for activity and encourage better muscle balance when athletic participation or work attendance resumes